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If you would like to know which RV manufacturers in North America build Top-Quality RVs, provide superior factory support along with high customer satisfaction ratings, you’re at the right place!  

JR Consumer Resources is an independent research group dedicated to helping RV buyers just like you select the RIGHT RV model at the BEST possible price!

We do not receive commissions or kickbacks to promote on company over another. Our factory ratings are the result of eight years of research with hard hitting facts you won't find anywhere else online.

We believe customers need to understand how factories compare to each other first before they can make a wise purchasing decision. Get the facts about Winnebago RV and learn how they compare to other manufacturers before you buy.

Buying Tips that Will Save You THOUSANDS!

Save MoneyIn addition to providing comprehensive ratings for the majority of manufacturers in North America, we also include important buying tips that will save you thousands of dollars when it is time to buy. On average our readers say they were able to save $5,000 to $10,000 dollars above and beyond what they assumed was a good deal, just by following our buying tips.

Our RV Consumer Guides will show you how to determine your RV dealers invoice for new models or wholesale value for used models. You will also learn what a fair profit margin is - and how to submit an offer that achieves amazing results.  

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