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Lazy Daze RV

We are a consumer based company that rates Lazy Daze RV and other popualr RV manufacturers in North America. Our rating guides feature Lazy Daze Class C Motor homes.

This year marks the 50th anniversary for Lazy Daze RV, which began designing and manufacturing recreation vehicles in 1956 and built the very first Class C motorhome in America in 1966. From the start, Lazy Daze set itself outside the pack by selling their vehicles directly from the factory, no dealer involvement, meaning very competitive prices and one-on-one relationships with the retail customers. Everyone who purchases a Lazy Daze comes to the California factory to test drive it and then again to pick it up and take it on its way. (Lazy Daze offers travel vouchers and incentives and encourages would-be buyers to come take a test drive and see the factory before buying.)

Because of their location, Lazy Daze sells best in the northwest and in particular, California. Ed Newton, president of Lazy Daze, says that his company’s size sets it apart from his competitors such as Winnebago and Fleetwood. “You can’t be the biggest and still be the best,” he says. “We are a small company but we make quality products. We sell direct from the factory so we have no dealer markup, no sales commission, we don’t play games with prices.”