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Model Specific RV Reports for Forest River RV


Our very popular RV REPORTS combine detailed model ratings and dealer invoice for new models and wholesale value for pre-owned models. We rate all Forest River mdoels from model years 2000 -2014.


In addition to providing the invoice or wholesale value for a specific model we also include:

  • Model Specifications
  • Article about Model & Comments by Staff
  • Quality of Construction of Model

  • Reliability of Model

  • Payload Cappacity Ratings

  • Drivability & Preformacne Ratings (Motorhomes Only)

  • Customer Satisfaction of Specific Model

  • Warranty Issues
  • Style & Design Ratings
  • Intended Use of Model
  • Invoice or Wholesale Values

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Those ordering our RV Report Service will only be refunded 50% of the purchase price due to the nature of the service we provide and the time commitment in preparing each report.

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