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Fifth Wheels - A Popular Choice In Today's Economy!

Fifth wheels can be very luxurious RV's that attached to a truck with a special type of hitch. There are various types of fifth wheel models available today from, entry-level units to upper-end brands with solid wood cabinets, full size plumbing fixtures, king size bed and quality appliances.

One important trend in the RV industry today is light-weight fifth wheels, which are becoming more popular each year. Many RV factories are starting to use light-weight materials for the outer walls with aluminum frames to lower the overall weight of vehicle, allowing buyers to pull these fifth wheels with a half ton truck verses a larger ¾ ton truck.

This makes purchasing a fifth wheel more desirable for buyers because they don’t have to upgrade their tow vehicle to purchase a fifth wheel as compared to a few years ago. Another big trend within the RV industry is more environmentally friendly vehicles that use recycled materials. Going, “GREEN” is a big business and many RV companies are starting to incorporate this type of technology into their units.

Travel trailer and fifth wheel sales are on the rise because of the cost savings compared to purchasing a motorhome. More and more consumers are starting to see the advantages of going with a fifth wheel which offers a large living space and costs much less. Many full-time or snow-bird RV enthusiasts are taking to the road pulling a fifth wheel with their truck which allows them to park their fifth wheel at their favorite camp site. Once settled in they can un-hitch their truck from the RV unit and travel to town and pick up supplies or tour the area without having to pull their fifth wheel, this saves on gas


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A common mistake with most new RV buyers is that the floor plan is the most important aspect in their RV purchase. It is estimated that over 90% of new RV buyers focus more on floor plans than anything else.

In contrast, most experienced or educated RV buyers focus on the chassis or frame, drive train, engine, suspension and exterior construction when selecting a particular RV model.

Bottom line - What’s underneath your motorhome, trailer or fifth wheel is the most important aspect and should take top priority in your decision process. Focusing on these important features will ultimately determine how satisfied you are with your purchase.

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