We are a consumer based company that rates DoubleTree in North America. Our rating guides feature DoubleTree Fifth Wheel and Travel Trailers.

According to DoubleTree’s website, “When DoubleTree RV began they used a simple philosophy: find out what the consumers want and exceed their expectations. Attention to detail starts from the ground up. From the 15" framework, 3 water tanks and 3 1/4" R13 wall framing to the incredibly convenient access to all mechanicals and electronics”.

The company’s closes competitors are; Teton Homes, Travel Supreme, Escalade by K-Z and Peterson RV according to Dan Tauer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. I asked Dan what make his company unique compared to their competitors and he said, “DoubleTree is the only fifth wheel manufacturer that builds a 3 ½” sidewall with an R value of 13, the roof R value is 23 and the basement is rated at an R value of 27. Another unique feature is that our Elite Suites and Mobile Suites have disc brakes as standard equipment.....