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Class C Motorhomes - Better Designs & Fuel Efficient!

In today’s economy more and more people are considering a Class C motorhome compared to larger Class A motorhomes. Class C Motorhomes come fully equipped with all the furniture and the electronic gadgets a person uses at home. There is no segregation between the driver compartment and the living space, making it easy to talk with the driver while traveling to your favorite destination.

Class C motorhomes are available in a number of sizes from 21 to 45 feet in length. The cost factor depends on the overall size, furnishings and options. Class C motorhomes are less expensive compared to Class A Motorhomes and can accommodate larger families. The reason for this is that Class C motorhomes have an extra sleeping area over the cab; Class A motorhomes don’t have this feature.

Another popular feature associated with Class C motorhomes is they are easier to drive and maneuver in tight spots. They consume less gas compared to larger Class A motorhomes and are more affordable. A number of RV manufacturers like; Winnebago, Forest River, Fleetwood and Coachmen RV are building smaller more aerodynamic, motorhomes with fuel efficient diesel engines. These types of motorhomes can average around 18 miles to the gallon, which is good news for those wanting to take long trips or travel around the country.

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