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Class C Motorhome Reviews



Class C Motorhomes - A Great Choice & Affordable

Class C MotorhomesClass C motorhomes offer many of the same luxuries and conveniences of larger and more costly Class A motorhomes. A Class C motorhome is built on a van-type chassis with a van cab for driver and passenger. They range in weight from 10,000 to 25,000 pounds and stretch from 20 feet to 43 feet in length.

Class C motorhomes are usually equipped with a sleeping area above the cab, in addition to a bedroom in the rear of the unit. Like their Class A motorhomes, many Class C units feature a slide-out to quickly extend the motorhome's living space.

Class C Motor HomeAdvantages: Class C motorhomes cost less compared to Class A motorhomes. On average they achieve better fuel mileage and they are shorter in length, which makes them easier to maneuver. The large space above the cab provides additional sleeping space which is ideal for larger families. Many drivers feel more comfortable driving a Class C motorhome compared to a larger Class A motorhome.

Disadvantages: Class C motorhomes have less payload capacity compared to Class A motorhomes and it can be difficult to get all your gear into a Class C without overloading it. You can tow a car or boat with a Class C motorhome but you may be limited in towing capacity.

Our Best-Selling Motorhome Comparison Guide will teach you how to save thousands off MSRP, but more importantly help you select the right manufacturer and model. Purchasing a Class C motorhome is a big investment and those that do their research before they buy will be able to make wise and informed decisions.



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